Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Late night sewing...

This pollen is kicking my butt. I normally sew pretty fast..not lately!  This nice green dust has sapped my energy and lungs.

As my hubby prepares for his out of town trips, I make my list(I'm NOT a list maker) of all the projects I would love to accomplish. Many are unrealistic...a girl can dream can't she? But try I may and it becomes a fight of the wills..10 against 1! Somehow all my plans usually go to the bottom of the list and/or get tossed in the sea of  future spare minute activities...What mom of 9 has spare minutes to do anything? Are you ready for the secret? I have discovered a gold mine of spare minutes...Midnight to 6am! Maybe it's not the pollen!
Just don't tell my family the secret...they'll find a way to steal my minutes!

I bought this pattern a while ago and have finally put this treasure together. I finished it this evening and can't wait to photograph my sweet model in it. For now here is a sneak peek...

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