Sunday, February 12, 2012

A little home decor...Burlap Wreath!

I love burlap! I remember my mom and grandmother making burlap underwear and even talked of making bras out of this itchy stuff!. Well I haven't gone so far as to make anything in the clothing department....but I'm close! My mind isn't far from the sewing machine. I have what you call...KIDS! They are the reason I love to create but also the reason I get very little of that creativity onto the cutting board! I guess I have had a little sewing block. I better shake this block fabric shelf is looking very full! 

 Seriously...Burlap has become a decorator must have! I have even seen burlap covered furniture! So for your decorator's good pleasure I present to you.......

Here are photos from my latest Etsy listing....

Coming soon......Springtime frocks!

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